Most People Are Stuck In Jobs That Don’t Matter. You Can Work As Hard As You Want And The Company Doesn’t Get Better Or Worse.

Do You Really Want To Spend 2,000 Hours Per Year In A Place You Don’t Make Any Difference?

At Whiteboard Geeks Your Job Won’t Be Cushy, But If You Hack The Rejection & Ask People To Spend $25,000 On Content-as-a-Service You’ll See How You’ll Become A Linchpin In Our Tiny Office.

The worst feeling I’ve ever had in a job was that whatever I did the company wasn’t going to change anyway. It felt like the only thing I could do was show up, do my work and try to make as much money as possible because nothing I did really mattered and the CEO had very different ideas than I did (read: I think made bad decisions).

But it paid well.

Some people want security, great benefits and an easy job.

I wanted a career where my weird ideas, extra work or even just daily grind could make the difference between us setting sales records or slipping into oblivion and going out of business.

Let’s face it - there are more important and life-changing projects to work on than helping companies make whiteboard videos. Monks, nuns and missionaries who feed orphans, help the poor and pray constantly for the world are doing more than we are.

BUT, if you’re called to be in the workplace don’t you want to have some control over your company’s destiny?

Probably not as much as you’d like.

Before we go any further, I’ve got to get a few things out in the open...

What Nobody Wants You To Know About Whiteboard Geeks

Our healthcare plan is lousy. Our office is ugly. We get a catered lunch maybe four times per year. 97% of our prospects say ‘no’. We give you the cheapest computer we can find. And our starting pay isn’t much better than anyone else in Richmond for sales.

So why would your CEO leave his 8-figure profitable company to come to a place like this? Heck, how did we convince 5 other people to work here?

It’s simple:

You want a job where you have control over your future and can actually change the company (for better or worse).

How Close is Whiteboard Geeks to Going Broke?

The good news is Whiteboard Geeks is past the ‘broke startup’ stage. We have money saved and no one stresses about getting paid because they know the check will be on time (we’ve never been late for a payroll).

But we’re still early-stage. We’ve got leads coming in so you don’t have to hunt for people to buy this stuff.

Here's How Your Career Path Could Look

Right now we’ve found a couple markets that work the best. Medical (especially medical devices) and education/training.

In the next two years we hope to fine-tune our sales process enough where they become their own separate domains and departments with their own sales teams, including senior reps, team leads and a manager.

The fact is most people won’t be moving into the manager slot, but my hope is someone from our current sales team will (if it seems like you want to work here and we all get along you’ll be sales hire #3).

Or maybe you’ll get a wild hair and decide there’s something else in the company you want to do more. There’s only 6 of us so there’s plenty of room.

But if after a year or two you decide you don’t want to stick around, my hope is you’ll be able to say that you personally added another 33% in revenue.

Your Job Title = Creative Consultant. NOT Sales Rep or Account Executive

You might be wondering… Are we just playing some head games calling you a “Creative Consultant” when you’re just a sales rep.


First off, the only way you’ll sell our whiteboard series or other content is if you’re creative enough to help prospects turn their idea into storyboards.

They’ve got to be able to see the video idea coming to life.

That doesn’t mean you have to draw, it means you have to be able to talk them through potential ideas.

Second, they’re going to expect your help reviewing their scripts, telling them how many videos they need and if whiteboard will even work for them.

Bottomline: we don’t want to trick people who don’t need or want our stuff into buying. We want to consult with the people who have the smallest spark of an idea into a full fledged project that can help them with their marketing, training or whatever the heck they’re trying to do.

Sound Worth Dealing With The Crappy Parts To Work At A Place Where You Can Actually Matter? Here’s How To Apply:

Before the application instructions, let’s make sure you’re clear on a few things. Parts of this job like the cheap computers, lame health benefits and ugly office stink.

Other parts like the employer match for retirement are a little better.

But the only reason to apply is because you want to try and do something hard in a place where what you do will matter to the rest of the people around. You have a good week = we all have a good week. And vice versa.

So if you still want to go forward, here’re the details:

First gather these three things:

  1. One reason why this career-path would be better than your current position (you don't have to bash your current place, but give it some thought so you don't jumpship if you're actually in the best spot.)
  2. A link to your favorite article on content marketing.
  3. Your resume (mainly so I can see job experience - it makes no difference if you've never sold).

Second, fill out this:

Job Application