Deadline Guarantee

Every animation company you talk to says deadlines matter.

The fact of the matter is, they can be so easy to slough off. So to keep us accountable, your project comes with our Never-Late Deadline Guarantee.

Here’s How It Works:

At the beginning of each project we’ll put together your custom milestone calendar.

If along the way we miss a milestone, you’ll get a discount of $100 per day we’re late.

For example, if your storyboards are due on the 1st, and we send them on the 5th (4 days late), you get $500 off your invoice.

Here’s The Catch:

Throughout the process we need your feedback. We build time in the schedule for you to review and send feedback, but if you fall behind on your end that makes us fall behind too.

But the good news is, as soon as you get us the feedback, we’ll send you the updated schedule with the new guaranteed deadline.

Here’s an example:

You got storyboards from us on the 9th and have 3 days to review and send back to us by the 12th.

You’re having an extremely busy week and one thing leads to another... So you send us your review on the 15th instead.

It’s no problem, but if our original deadline was the 25th we’ll just tack on the 3 extra business days and give you a new guaranteed deadline of the 30th.

Make sense?

Here’s The Bottom Line:

If we’re late, and it’s our fault, we’ll automatically give you a discount. No haggling and no excuses.

If something comes up we’ll let you know early on in the project so the schedule can be updated, but you won’t get any last minute “our dog ate your video” emails from us.

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