Bringing in a 200% Higher Click-Through Rate on Emails for GatesAir

Keith Adams came to Whiteboard Geeks on the verge of a change that was shaking up the Broadcast industry called “Spectrum Repack”.

GatesAir, formerly of Harris Broadcast, is one of the oldest and most prolific Television and Radio broadcast technology providers in the world. Think antennas, transmitters and monitors.

Spectrum Repack is an FCC-mandated change-up in what broadcast signals broadcasters can use. Local news channels like CBS 6 across the US face a challenge in how to prepare. GatesAir engineers needed to sell a new service to their customers: Repack Preparation Services, a consultation on what equipment will be viable.

This was really complex. But with Whiteboard Geeks, Keith helped create a story about an engineer named Fred, who navigates the challenging waters.

To test the success of the video to create leads for the Repack Preparation Service, Keith set up an A/B email split test using Hubspot. Both emails were the same, except Version A had the whiteboard video and Version B had a stock image of  a computer.

The results: 21% click-through rate on the whiteboard email, vs just 7% on the other. A HUGE blowout success.

Since the launch, Keith Adams has confirmed that the campaign has been a huge success, helping them close more than 70% of their target market and bringing in millions in sales.

To date, the video has over 5x the views of any other piece of content on the GatesAir youtube.

Are you ready for Spectrum Repack?