How SAP achieved a 350% boost in completion rates on Whiteboard videos.

SAP’s Internet of Things (IOT) solutions have a lot of applications and many different audiences. Mindy Davis, Senior Director of IOT and Digital Supply Chain Marketing for SAP based out of Orange County wanted to show how the IOT applied in the world with a series of videos.

The Digital Supply Chain of One video was featured on their website, posted on twitter and social and even used in an email campaign. What came back was amazing.

SAP looks for 10% completion on their videos, meaning an ideal outcome is 10% of the viewers finish watching it. Our video had a 45% completion rate, 350% more than the standard. AND it was well over twice their standard length of under 3 minutes.

The video was promoted on their website, Youtube, and Twitter.

Lyndsey Spurgin, who runs these test in her work as Marketing Audience Director of SAP said this about the stats:

Completion rate is astounding. This is really engaging content, I mean really engaging content.

People are clicking [from Twitter], clicking the video, then watching it all the way through.