Poly the Parrot and Big Engagement on Linkedin: INEOS Styrolution

 Combining high volume posting and the unique character design of Poly the parrot led INEOS Styrolution  to get 152% or 7.3x more engagement than manufacturing’s linkedin average. More eyes, more engagement!

The Problem:

Plastics like polystyrene haven’t always had the best PR, but INEOS Styrolution has many ways to recycle it and a long history of innovation to share! They needed to get that lesser-known information out to a wide audience. 

The Goals:

  • Awareness around the history of Polystyrene and the innovations that have been made
  • Create intrigue and generate Inquiries leading back to INEOS Styrolution

Globally, our colleagues have really enjoyed and embraced these videos.”

-April Ludwikowski, Marketing Communications Manager

The Story: Poly

The solution? Make it fun, make it memorable. Whiteboard Geeks worked with Cassie Bradley and April Ludwikowski to create 3 videos with the adorable Poly the parrot (who fast became the new unofficial mascot) and Dr. Molecular, created to tell the story. 

  1. Video 1: Celebrating 90 years of Polystyrene!
  2. Video 2: Recycling 101  (2:18)
  3. Video 3: Polystyrene (1:58)

Data outcomes:

Over 2,000 total views across all 3 videos within only 1 month of posting! Including Youtube and Linkedin. 

But the biggest success was engagement!

This video clip posted on the America’s LinkedIn page has 3.6% engagement, which is 152% higher than the manufacturing average of .49%! WOW! Go April and Cassie!


The Results?

April even said they were using the videos in new hire training and recruiting! 

The secret to success: create a fun character, tell a good story, educate and SPREAD THE WORD!

April and Cassie posted these videos everywhere, including the clips on LinkedIn. The secret is in creating a cadence.

And everyone loves Poly. That’s a huge win. 


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