Our Approach

Simple and Seen

We take complicated concepts from ideas to eyeballs. We act as a stepping stone from concepts to creative resolutions. We destroy powerpoints. We make viral TED-Talks for business and make sure their most important ideas are simple and seen.

What does that mean? Basically, we make hand-drawn video campaigns and deliver them through paid social.

Weird is What Works

In today’s overstimulated digital world, you can’t afford to be boring. Stories are remembered 22x longer in the brain than facts, but analogies and humor also play a huge role in making your message stick. We lead with the weird, from Mad Max bacteria to superheroes made of wood and hair, because, well, it WORKS!

Creativity first

We lead with story ideas first, doing a big chunk of the creative labor up front. That’s because creating unique, eye-catching videos depends on unique ideas. We believe in putting creativity first in everything we do. And it’s the number one reason clients cite drives them to buy from us.

dream & ideate

We started in 2013 on a wing and prayer doing 40 minute ecommerce videos. Today we’ve produced over 1760 minutes of video – that’s over 29 hours! We’ve captivated audiences for over 185 clients including Citibank, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, even NBC’s the voice. Our videos have been seen by more than a million eyes across the web and the world!