Find out about Fuch’s Water-miscible cutting fluid that maximizes overall machine efficiency and operator productivity. Fuchs also minimizes potential issues associated with these fluids such as fluid related cost, controlling biological contaminants, increasing filtration life, and decreasing additive usage.



What does a Customer Success Manager do at Akamai? Lucas is a CSM and for his client Ana, he’s like an Air Traffic Control tower manager, helping her see the entire field of planes coming and going.



Lilly works at a lab manager and is constantly struggling with her supply of gases that are essential for lab function. Enter in Middlesex Gases with Bulk and Microbulk solutions, fit for labs of any size.



Rexnord’s self-lubricating filament bearings need no maintenance even under the harshest operating conditions.



Kyra is a busy mother of two, and between her work and the kids, she doesn’t have time to make a trip to the doctor’s. Stanford Children’s Health offer virtual visits, and Kyra is able to let her children get check-ups at her own convenience, as long as she had an internet connection.



Now that Maria’s daughter, Isabel, is growing up, Maria must explain the importance of taking care of her own health by going on regular visits to her doctor and gynecologist.



Scientist Avery and her team increase success by using MALDI-2 molecular imaging for modeling, increasing safety, efficacy, and success. Uses real raspberries!



Dr. Hall uses Pure-Vu System, a single-use oversleeve that easily fits on colonoscopes to facilitate intraprocedural cleansing of the colon. Pure-Vu allows Dr. Hall to get good visualization and complete a successful exam on challenging patients where preparation can be an issue.


Whiteboard Geeks: Jack and Diane

With storytelling as the proven best way to market your brand, video is the THE medium of choice for telling these stories. Scientifically it’s known as neural coupling, but we all just know it as empathizing and relating to the the story or narrative. Here at Whiteboard Geeks, we can turn those brand identities into life arcs, and we’re interested in helping you tell your story.


Edgewood Health Network: Ruby’s New Home

Ruby just celebrated her 84th birthday, and she and her family have agreed it’s time for her to look into finding a new home, where she won’t have to live alone. With Edgewood Healthcare, Ruby finds all sorts of nurses, doctors, and friends in her new community. After five years, Ruby is happy, healthy, and even wishes she’d moved to Edgewood sooner.


Weis E-Coupons: Click to Clip!

Laura is a mother of 3, and keeping on top of everything is quite the task. With all that goes on at home, her time for coupon-clipping is the first to be forgotten. But with coupons, she would be saving a considerable amount on her groceries. Weis makes it easy, by making couponing as fast and simple as the click of a button. Now Laura can coupon on the go!


AthenaHealth: SimplifiMed

Dr. Swanson, a huge advocate for preventative care, sought a more effective means of communication with his patients than postcards and phone calls. After beginning to use SimplifiMed’s customizable two-way texting, he was not only able to give his patients reminders, but encouraged them to schedule appointments. With SimplifiMed, Dr. Swanson saw a marked increase in patient interaction.


SAP: The Network of Digital Twins

Grumpy is an old pump feeling lonely and sad.. Will he ever feel like a young school pump again? This storybook-esque style video follows Grumpy and his only friend, Jim on their adventure to get Grumpy connected with help from SAP and the network of digital twins, and a few others along the way.


Omnitracs: Perfect Delivery-Land

Get lost in a magical land with this fun fairytale about “Perfect Delivery Land”. Watch out for flying monkeys, wizards and fairies as Omnitracs walks you through the steps of the perfect delivery. See for yourself how the castle is delivering gold to its customers and if everyone gets a “happily ever after”.


Analytics Edge: Are you a Compass or a Weathervane?

When it comes to Analytics, you can either be a weathervane, spinning and twisting wherever the hype blows you, or you can be a compass, unwavering in the face of the headwinds and buzzwords, because your sense of direction comes from something deeper. The analytics Edge for Leaders is comprehensive, immediately accessible, engaging and fun. Simplified down, streamlined with real life examples so you can start making analytically supported decisions tomorrow.


Jacuzzi Winter Dreamscape

Enjoy the cool air of a winter wonderland from the protective warmth of a Jacuzzi. As the snow falls lightly around, there’s no better way to take in the scenery than relaxing in hot tub.


Mölnlycke – Hibiclens: “Florence Nightingale”

Follow Holly Wallace, an infection prevention specialist as she uses Mölnlycke products to treat patients and follow the practices that were started by Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing and hospital design. She understands the importance of patience satisfaction and knows Mölnlycke products can help prevent infections and promote cleanliness just like what was taught by Florence over 150 years ago.


Erie Insurance: Shayna loves biking (The value of an agent)

Character story + analogy that explains the value of having a real person for an agent! Shayna loves biking, getting exercising and cruising around town. Learn how Leigh, her insurance agent helps her get the right coverage, avoid dangerous shortcuts, potholes and rubble to help Shayna stay on the right path.


Ethicon: Kevin’s Journey

Kevin and Maria both need a joint replacements, bad news is they need to lose weight before their doctors can perform the much needed operations. Watch how Ethicon helps Kevin manage his obesity with bariatric surgery so that he can lose weight for his surgery and and start feeling better… Maria on the other hand is struggling. Will she be able to lose the weight without help?


Insperity Recruiting: “Are you playing a rigged game?”

Do you feel like you are rowing upstream to find the right people for your company? Learn how Insperity makes recruiting easy! Mary Kay Engelhardt is disrupting a whole industry with a flat fee structure. Learn how this new approach has experts that specialize in talent that makes your business run and never leaves you without a paddle.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise: Competencies (Burns Marketing)

Hewlett Packard Enterprises has included a new part of their partner ready program, Competencies! Learn how to use Hybrid IT, Data & Analytics and Intelligent edge to market your capabilities and collaborative sales engagements. Rise above your competition and show your capabilities with this new part of the program.


SAP: Pick & Pay

Tim is going to the grocery store pick n pay to gather ingredients to make one of his favorite dishes. Learn how this chain is revolutionizing how customers save money by comparing brand prices in real time and how it is all possible with the SAP platform. Tim knows he doesn’t need to shop around because Pick n Pay with the help of the SAP, has done it for him.


Thru Tubing Solutions: Plug & Perf

A better way to frack? Learn about a new solution developed by ThruTubing and SlicFrac that will improve frac efficiency. See how removing bridge pods and using perf pods can get maximum cluster efficiency. Watch this full color whiteboard video to see the true diversion when using perf pods.


HotSchedules : Activity Based Forecasting

Stay ahead of the storm and the swarm with activity based scheduling from HotSchedules. Follow two restaurateurs as they struggle with staffing their restaurants with a hodgepodge of spreadsheets and sticky notes and see how it impacts one when they switch to HotSchedules with historic sales and guest data as well as smart labor algorithms to more accurately schedule and optimize shifts.


Aker BioMarine: Superba Krill Oil

TED style educational video on the benefits of Krill Oil. Did you know that Krill oil is more fish than fish oil? Find out how and why this little creature is creating so much fuss in the Omega-3 industry and is packed with benefits beyond fish oil. Watch how Aker Biomarine lets you trace your Omega-3 from catch to capsule, providing quality and sustainability. Get your Omega-3s the way nature intended!


Monroe College: This is Me

This is “ME”! Follow a transfer student take advantage of a transfer grant program at Monroe College. This short video shows the benefits of being a student at Monroe College including supportive staff and faculty as well as flexible scheduling.


Salem Five Bank: Nate and Paula in the Jungle

This dramatization of real client experiences follows Nate, a man looking for a mortgage on his dream house and Paula, a loan officer at Salem Five. Ride along this fun adventure to see if Paula can clear a path for Nate to close the deal and get to his his dream house on time!


Georgetown University MPS Degree

You ready for the next step in your career? Is a graduate degree what you need to get there? Watch how Georgetown University’s Masters of Professional Studies degree will help you get sought after skills by taking classes on a flexible schedule, taught by industry experts, in a class environment specialized for working professionals.


Welcome to Cherry Bekaert

In this new hire video Michelle Thompson, CEO & Firm Managing Partner at Cherry Bekert goes over the basic principles of the firm and why those principles are important everyday. Watch this live action/ whiteboard animation mix that guides you during your first steps in a career at Cherry Bekaert.


Prologis: 5 Drivers

Follow brand woman as she soars through the five core drivers of Prologis. Learn how these drivers accelerate forwarward to meet and exceed clients expectations and help Prologis stay ahead of what’s next.