Production Overview

Step 1 – Consultation

Ideas worth spreading are worth talking about! We want to help you find meaningful solutions as quickly as possible. So before we dive in, please fill out our production inquiry form or contact us directly at 804-492-0992. We can’t wait to hear about your big idea!

Book a Consultation
Once you’ve submit an inquiry, we’ll have a consultant get in touch with you ASAP (usually within 1 business day).

Define Scope
We don’t make “nice to have” videos. And we don’t have an “off the shelf” product or service. Every campaign is a unique recipe based on our client’s goals, their audience, and best fit solutions. Sometimes this requires one or two conversations but the process ensures that everyone is on the same page and that expectations are clear! Once we fully understand your needs and your campaign’s scope, we’ll quote production and coordinate the next steps to get started!

Step 2 – Story

Having a well-produced video isn’t enough these days! Audiences want to be entertained with a compelling story. When we begin production, we’ll take a hard look at your audience and goals. Our professional script writer will then craft a custom narrative that people remember and actually want to listen to. You’ll have the opportunity to review script drafts multiple times until it’s just right!

Step 3 – Voice & Visuals

We want you to know exactly what your video will look and sound like before animation even starts. During storyboarding, we’ll hand-draw your entire video and get your approval before moving forward.

You’ll get to pick from a diverse array of professional voice actors to narrate your video. We can also coordinate voice recordings with real life non-actors if you have someone in mind! All your recording and editing will be done 100% in-house.

Step 4 – Production

We’re almost done with your video! You’ll have the opportunity to review initial drafts of video content at this stage. Based on your feedback, we’ll make any minor changes needed until you’re 100% happy with the finished product.

Step 5 – Launch & Delivery

There are a lot of companies that can make a nice video but unless your content has a strong infrastructure connecting it to viewers with mechanisms to measure its impact, you won’t unlock the full value of your investment.

Every campaign we produce includes a unique launch and delivery plan that augments an organization’s capabilities and consolidates services that are often spread between several vendors. So you have ONE unified team producing the entire campaign! 

In this process, we’ll review your content performance indicators, audit existing resources, and work to amplify your message with a holistic approach that gets a guaranteed result.

So whether your goal is to get more views from the right people, access to a larger % of the market, increased engagement, or a boost in retention… we’ve got you covered!

Here’s a video on the process