Most marketing departments make videos they hate, that bore their customers to tears.

You’ve had it happen before: you’ve got a great, new idea.  But after multiple layers of approvals the masterpiece you dreamed of gets turned into an insipid, copy-cat, “safe” video that ends up delivering poor results.

The truth is…

Weird is what works.

We’ve seen results like:

– Email click through rates 3-8.5 times higher
– Engagement increasing by 148%
– Change management KPI success – reducing unwanted events by 44%

We’re expensive geeks.  Our projects range from $30,000 to $200,000.

We are the only studio in the US to use an actual artist for our recording.  Since none of the process is automated, we charge premium prices that are unfortunately inaccessible to many.

The good news is, companies like Johnson and Johnson, Wells Fargo, LPL, the Cleveland Clinic and many others have gotten a positive ROI on working with us.

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